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International Women’s Day Breakfast Port Moresby Wrap Up

The International Women’s Day 2022 Breakfast was hosted by the Business & Professional Women’s Club of Port Moresby which was also celebrating 40 years in PNG. The theme of this year’s IWD was “break the bias”.

The guest speaker was Dame Meg Taylor who provided her insights into how such biases could be broken. One of which was to take action starting at the family level by educating young boys to develop a mindset that would view women as being equal partners and valuable members of our society. A poignant quote by Meg Taylor was “ We need leadership by women and men who are inspired for the future”.

The panel of guests included women from the public service and private sector who had experienced working at the highest level of their respective organizations, one of whom had experienced domestic violence. They shared the actions they took to ensure that their voices are being heard and continue to be heard.

The work done by the Business & Professional Women’s Club of Port Moresby to assist young women in PNG to further their education in the form of scholarships and mentoring programs has proven invaluable and this was evident from the account of Imorea Kelly who was a BPW scholarship recipient who without such support from BPW would not have been able to complete her tertiary studies.

International Women’s Day is a day that recognizes the achievements of women and the barriers that must be broken to ensure that women have equal participation at all levels whether it is in the family home, in education, at work or at the political level.


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